About us

"Moov" is a car sharing scheme operating all over Australia. It was launched in 2020 with an aim to be the best car share scheme. We have cars all around Australia to be booked without much hassle. We have a variety of cars including sedan, standard, SUV, minivan and people mover.

How can you book a car?

Whenever you need a car to drive, just go on to our website and provide your pickup and return times. We will then find the nearest cars for you from where you can choose a car and book it.

Why are we called "Moov"?

"Moov" is an invented word derived from english word "Move". The idea behind choosing the name was to come up with a catchy name that lasts forever in people's minds.


These were the creative brains behind this amazing website.

Jungmin Ha
Fisher Lim
Sheryl Mantik
Aditya Deswal
Adeeb Ahmed
Jiayang Qiang